Pet lovers often feel a lot of anxiety about relinquishing control over their best four-legged friend into the hands of a stranger, and why wouldn’t you? Only you know best the care your pet needs. But it can be a necessity to employ a pet sitter when you’re going somewhere that pets can’t come, and when that day comes you need to know how to find the best person for your pet. These five questions are important to ask of any pet sitter.

1) Are They Prepared to Deal with Special Needs? 

Often our four-legged friends need some special care, attention or service to make sure they stay healthy, so it’s essential that you find a pet sitter who is experienced in providing that care. Whether it’s a specialized diet, timely medication (that’s often oh so challenging to get your pet to take!) or even an insulin shot in the case of diabetes, your pet sitter needs to be ready to take these extra steps to ensure your pet stays healthy. Sometimes these circumstances are unique to your pet, so you need a pet sitter who is ready to learn and takes the role seriously, as your pet’s wellbeing is on the line.

2) Do They Have All the Necessary Paperwork in Place? 

As an animal lover, you know that pet sitting is a serious business. It’s important that you make sure that your pet sitter has all the appropriate paperwork, which can range from city licenses to insurance in the case of anything going wrong. Check their insurance, and it’s a good idea to ask for some references too. A good pet sitter will be able to offer evidence of relevant experience, and a good review can put your mind at ease.

3) Does Your Pet Sitter Have Questions for You? 

While you’re quizzing your potential pet sitter, it’s a good idea to let them get a word in and see if they have any questions for you. Your pet needs a sitter who is thoughtful and attentive, and one way of seeing if your pet sitter has these qualities is by seeing what questions they have about your pet’s needs. If they’re looking to understand your pet as well as they can, you can be certain you’re leaving your fluffy friend in safe hands. It also acts as insurance in case you forget to mention something – a good pet sitter will ask if they need to know something that you’ve accidentally omitted. 

4) What Happens in The Case of An Emergency? 

Accidents can happen. You need to ensure your pet sitter is prepared for every eventuality, and that if there’s an emergency they will act fast to get your pet the care she needs. You should provide your pet sitter with the contact details of your usual veterinarian, but your pet sitter needs a Plan B in case of a medical mishap when the veterinarian is closed.

5) Are They Good with Animals?

It seems obvious, but people’s ability to bond with animals ranges quite radically even within the pet sitting profession! Some people get into the business out of a genuine love and warmth for animals, and these are the people that you want to be looking out for your pet when you’re not around.

With these five questions, you’ll be able to get a good read on your pet sitter and be sure your pet is in safe hands. That means you can get on with your day without the anxiety of worrying about your four-legged friend, and your pet will have a great day in your absence.