Kelly’s Kritters is trustworthy and reliable as well as fully insured and bonded. We have lots of experience with cats and dogs of all kinds, and temperaments, and we love all animals.

Our visits are solely dedicated to your pets, feeding, playing walking and of course lots of love.

  • We have a team of awesome walker/sitters! With added staff we have more availability to serve you and there is always a backup if your assigned sitter becomes unavailable.
  • The Kelly’s Kritters team conducts weekly meetings to discuss best practices for Pet Sitting / Dog Walking and continuous training expectations. We also share tips and stories so that we are all aware of your pet’s special needs.
  • The Kelly’s Kritters team have been thoroughly background checked and trained. The staff is supervised by Kelly, or in the event of her absence the company supervisor. We assure that your visits are completed and that any questions or problems your sitter/walker encounters are addressed promptly.

Kelly’s Kritters Staff:

Kelly Hester, Owner

Kelly Hester is the owner of Kelly’s Kritters. Kelly’s Kritters was founded with a goal of providing the very best care for all pets. “I know how I want my own pets treated. With that in mind, Kelly’s Kritters goes above and beyond every day to exceed our customers’ expectations and your pet’s needs”.

The mission of Kelly’s Kritters is to provide peace of mind for pet owners when they can’t be home with their pets. To provide pets with loving attention and care in the environment they are familiar with, their home. To always exhibit professional conduct, honesty, integrity and respect for personal property.

After spending many years in the Corporate Sector, Kelly decided to start the next chapter of her life and knew animals had to be a part of it. Since childhood, Kelly has had a deep love and compassion for all animals – starting with her first dog, Frosty!

Kelly is certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid. She also has extensive experience in administering medication and volunteering at animal shelters and pet rescues. While her furry family has been mostly cats and dogs, she has also added fish, hamsters, gerbils, and tadpoles as a part of her clan from time to time! Her current fur family includes three cats – Devin, Ivy and Ruby.

Kelly’s Kritters provides all pet care needs for your fur baby. We know you have enough to worry about when you are away but taking care of your furry family members should not be one of them! We offer a variety of services to best suit the needs of both you and your pets, including dog walking, house sitting, drop in services, and overnight pet sitting.

KatieSupervisor/Pet Sitter
Katie has always had a passion for animals. She lived and worked on a dairy farm and cared for all shapes and sizes of animals, from tiny chickens to horses. One of her main jobs was caring for the calves of the herd.

In her teen years she started pet sitting with dogs and took classes in high school for Vet Tech Assistance. She did an internship at North Wake Animal Hospital where she assisted the doctors and the techs.

Besides working with animals, Katie also has a love for both art and history. She has her associate’s degree in fine art and is planning on getting her bachelor’s degree in history. In her spare time, she enjoys using her artistic ability to teach history through her art such as drawing planes, ships and building models of planes & ships. She also loves to shop for and wear vintage clothing of the 1940’s.

Katie can’t wait to lavish your pets with the love she has for all animals.

CassieTeam Leader/Pet Sitter
Cassie has always had a place in her heart for animals. She grew up loving and caring for cats, dogs, guinea pigs, fish, a bunny and most recently, a hamster and bearded dragon. As a child, she was often referred to as “Dr. Dolittle” because it seemed as though all the household pets would seek her out for love and playtime.

Cassie has two cats, “Ellie,” a Maine Coon, and “Big Phil,” an orange and white Domestic Shorthair. Her cats are her best buddies.

Cassie is proud to come from a pet loving family who raised her to love all animals. Her older sister has fostered many litters of kittens and her mother plans on starting a rescue in her home, where she will give elderly shelter dogs their forever home and be their “Momma.”

Aside from pets, Cassie’s other interests include painting, writing, thrifting, up- cycling clothing, and doing hair and makeup. She would like to get her cosmetology license in the future.

Cassie is eager to give your pets the love and care they deserve and looks forward to serving you.

JudyPet Sitter
Judy is a North Carolina native; she has had pets all her life. When she was a child her father raised beagles and Judy cried whenever a puppy was sold. Every now and then he would let Judy keep one. Now she has two tuxedo sister cats, Missy and Boo, who are her best buddies.

Judy is the proud mom of a daughter, a son, and an enormously proud grandmother of four. Her family is the love of her life and she enjoys spending time with them.

She loves the North Carolina beaches and is a big fan of North Carolina beach music and dancing. Since retiring she is enjoying getting back into the craft world, making holiday décor and just seeing what can made out of a little bit of everything. She never knows where her mind will take her.

Judy is committed to providing quality and compassionate care to all the pets she visits. She looks forward to meeting your pets.

AudreyPet Sitter
Audrey is a lifelong animal lover who enjoys hanging out with all things soft and cuddly. She has a Standard Poodle, Posy, who has fulfilled her dream of finally owning a dog.

She grew up in Northern Virginia with a dad who is very allergic to animals, so her first furry friend fix was with her rabbits and by pet sitting for neighbors and friends.

She has lived in Wake Forest for about 10 years. Audrey has a degree in Equestrian Studies, and a Master’s in Intercultural Studies from Southeastern. She enjoys being outside gardening and going hiking with her dog. Horses and traveling are other passions that she indulges in as often as she can. Audrey looks forward to playing with and caring for your fur babies.

ErinPet Sitter
Erin has grown up around pets her entire life including dogs, cats, fish, chickens, reptiles, and many other small pets. She spends much time with her favorite pet “Zion”, a hound mix. She loves to build connections with the animals she cares for and has done so for years.

Erin currently attends the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is studying to get a bachelor’s degree in marketing. While in high school, she took animal science 1 and 2 and hopes to continue to learn more!

Erin loves to paint and spend time with friends in her free time. She is outgoing when it comes to new opportunities, which is great for the array of opportunities presented as a dog walker/pet sitter. She also enjoys traveling and hopes to get more chances to travel in the future.

Erin loves to make others happy and will go to great lengths to make sure everyone around her is taken care of.

AnnamariaPet Sitter
Annamaria was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania. Growing up on a little farm, she was always around animals. Her grandparents taught her how to love and care for them and how to read their body language.

Annamaria moved to Austria to study, where she adopted a Rottweiler and a Sheltie puppy. After she started working the company sent her to Shanghai, China. She lived in Shanghai for 6 years and is very proud to have been a part of the Shanghai animal rescue team and fight against the dog meat trade in China!

While in China, she rescued and adopted a kitten named Tommy. The kitten came with her and her family to the US and lived a happy life.

LizzPet Sitter
Lizz is a North Carolina native with a bleeding heart for animals. She grew up surrounded by many different types of animals, including cats, dogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, fish, and hamsters. She loves to spend time with her two cats (Sirius Black “Titten” and Earl Grey) as well as her leopard gecko (Randall Boggs).
Lizz has lived in the Raleigh area for about 6 years. She has a master’s degree in Philosophy, bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Philosophy, and associate degrees in Computer Science and Forensics. During undergrad, Lizz studied abroad in Japan. She enjoys studying the Japanese language and Japanese pop culture. She is also an avid reader and car enthusiast.

Lizz looks forward to meeting and loving your sweet fur babies!

NadiaPet Sitter
Nadia has a passionate and caring heart for every animal. She has grown up owning many different types of pets like chickens, parakeets, dogs, cats, fish, and a hamster. Nadia currently owns a lovely English Bulldog named Ragnar, who loves to sit on her lap, drool, and get back scratches every second of the day.

In her free time, Nadia loves to read, journal, paint, explore nature, and go to the gym. One of her favorite places to visit is the farm, as she loves to connect with the animals and feels the happiest and relaxed there.

Although Nadia has wanted to become a veterinarian since she was a kid, she has decided to go to college to pursue nursing. Nadia is very excited to be a part of the team and care dearly for all your pets!

JuliaPet Sitter
Julia is a full-time animal lover and has been pet-sitting for many years. From hedgehogs and ferrets to the family dog or cat—she has cared for them all. She loves being immersed in nature, going on long walks anywhere, and listening to music. Julia is more than ready to devote herself to keeping pets happy and healthy.

Julia has grown up with a Havanese dog named Kermit, a Bernese Mountain dog named Rusty, a Siberian cat named Billy, a tabby cat named Dixie, as well as hamsters. She enjoys being active with dogs and relaxing with cats, or vice versa! Julia just wants to ensure that all are properly cared for while their owners are away.

ClaudiaPet Sitter
Claudia is a rising college junior, working to accomplish her BFA in photography in Brooklyn, NY.

When Claudia isn’t at school she spends her time back home in North Carolina. While photography is her main focus, Claudia loves to dabble in a variety of mediums such as; oil painting, cyanotyping, and live figure drawing. In her free time, you can find her at the beach or mountain side, spending time with nature.

Claudia has grown up with many pets, from exotic pets to dogs and cats. She is compassionate and dedicated to animal care. Observant, she is able to easily comprehend animal behavior and health. Claudia also has the ability to create a soothing environment that encourages trust and comfort for the animal, aiming to leave a positive impact for the animals she cares for. Animals bring a smile to her face and she looks forward to meeting yours.

Kelly’s Kritters strives to continually improve because we value your business and we LOVE your pets!

Please let me know if you would like me to call you to set up a complimentary meet & greet.