Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Five Essential Questions to Ask Your Potential Pet Sitter

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Pet lovers often feel a lot of anxiety about relinquishing control over their best four-legged friend into the hands of a stranger, and why wouldn’t you? Only you know best the care your pet needs. But it can be a necessity to employ a pet sitter when you’re going somewhere that pets can’t come, and when that day comes you need to know how to find the best person for your pet. These five questions are important to ask of any pet sitter. 1)

Could My Cat Be Sick?

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Cats are unique creatures filled with quirks an idiosyncrasies.   Even though cats are predators, they are also considered prey. It is this for this reason that cats tend to hide the fact that they are sick or injured to avoid being singled out as being weak by predators in the wild. This is instinctual behavior and is a deeply ingrained behavior in all cats, even those that reside in perfectly safe houses where predators are nonexistent. The consequence can be that a feline companion

What is the difference between dog boarding & pet sitting?

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Having to leave your pet behind when you travel often means choosing between pet sitting or pet boarding. Both options help to ensure that your pet is taken care of while you’re gone, but there are some important differences between them. The main difference between pet boarding and pet sitting is that the pet sitter comes to your home to give care and attention. With dog boarding, the pet is brought to the kennel and will stay on the property until the owner returns to

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