An overview of what a visit to your home may look like:

Introduction and Greeting

– Arrive at the pet owner’s home at the scheduled time.

Meet the Pet

– Approach the pet calmly and let them come to you if they’re comfortable.

– Offer a gentle petting or play to establish a bond and trust.

Feeding and Watering

– Follow the owner’s instructions for feeding the pet.

– Ensure there is fresh water available at all times.

Administer Medications (if needed)

– If the pet requires medication, administer it as directed by the owner.

Playtime and Exercise

– Spend time engaging in play activities with the pet.

– Take dogs for a walk or provide opportunities for exercise as appropriate.

Potty Breaks

– Let dogs outside for potty breaks and clean up any messes.

All pet waste is to be taken to an outdoor trash receptacle.

– For cats or other pets, clean litter boxes as needed.

Monitor Health and Behavior

– Keep an eye on the pet’s health and behavior for any signs of distress or illness.

– Report any concerns to the owner immediately.

Playtime and Affection

– Spend quality time giving the pet attention and affection.

– Provide comfort and reassurance, especially if the pet seems anxious.

Bring in the mail and any packages.

Take the trash & recycle to the curb on trash pick up day.

Bring the empty trash & recycle containers back to their designated spot once they have been emptied.

Security Check

– Ensure all doors, windows, and gates are secure before leaving.

– Double-check that the pet is safe and comfortable.

Communication with the Owner

– Leave notes or send messages to the owner, updating them on the visit.

– Inform the owner of any issues or concerns that may have arisen.

Tidy Up

– Clean up any pet-related messes, such as spills or scattered toys.

– Maintain a clean and organized living space for the pet.


– Say goodbye to the pet and reassure them that you’ll be back (if applicable).

– Lock up the house securely before leaving.

Remember, each pet sitting visit may have unique requirements based on the pet’s needs and the owner’s preferences. Always follow the owner’s instructions and take extra care to ensure the pet’s safety and well-being during your visit.