Starting at:
30 min: $30 | 45 min: $37

  • Dog Walking: Explore, exercise, and socialize. Our dog walking service isn’t just a walk around the block; it’s a bonding session filled with fun, physical activity, and plenty of pats. Tailored to your pup’s needs and energy level, we make sure every walk is an adventure they look forward to.
  • Cuddles, Snuggles, Belly Rubs: We believe affection is as much a necessity as food and water. Our pet-carers are experts in cuddles, snuggles, and belly rubs. We offer an abundance of love and care to make sure your pet feels secure, cherished, and content.
  • Accident Cleanup: We tackle those little oops moments with grace and patience. We endeavor to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your pet, reducing any associated stress for both of you.
  • Feeding & Freshening Water: Nutrition and hydration are key to your pet’s health. We ensure timely feeding based on their dietary plan and keep their water fresh and clean. We handle special diets with care and precision, ensuring your pet’s health and happiness.
  • Medication Dispensing: When health concerns arise, rest assured we’re prepared. If your pet requires regular medication, our pet sitters are trained to administer dosages accurately and timely, making sure they’re comfortable and well cared for.
  • Prompt Follow-Up: Communication is our priority. After every visit, we provide a timely follow-up to update you about your pet’s well-being. You’ll receive a detailed report including activities, behavior, food intake, and any noticed change in health.

An overview of what a visit to your home may look like: