Starting at:
$125 per night

  • Overnight Pet Sitting (8PM – 8AM): During this prime time of 10 hours that we spend in your home, our aim is to replicate your pet’s normal routine and provide an environment that’s as close as possible to the one you provide. We understand nights can be stressful for pets when their family is away, so we provide dynamic and uninterrupted care to provide them with comfort and security. Our focus is the emotional well-being and happiness of your pet, which can often be sustained by the presence of a caring individual.
  • Vacation Pet Sitting Service Plus: In addition to the overnight stay, our vacation service promises a comprehensive care routine for your beloved pets and your home. We combine convenient in-home services, maintaining the consistency of a routine, and the kind of lovable company your pets need when you are away. Your pets avoid the unnecessary stress that kennels or new environments can cause and get to relax at home, awaiting your return.

We also cater to the needs of home care, making sure your home security is undisturbed by performing tasks such as retrieving mail, watering the plants, and altering lights/blinds. This holistic approach ensures the best care for your pets and peace of mind for you.

This service enables your pets to enjoy the comfort of their own home, expert care, familiar routines, and all the affection they need while maintaining your home’s environment and security.