Starting at:
30 min: $30 | 45 min: $37

  • Vacation Visits: Holidaying should be a stress-free time for both you and your pet. Our Vacation Visits ensure that your pet stays in their favorite environment and follows their accustomed routine while receiving the care, affection, and interaction they need to be happy and healthy.
  • Snuggles, Cuddles, Belly Rubs: We believe in the therapeutic power of a good cuddle session. These moments of affection can significantly reduce a pet’s anxiety, promote bonding, and create positive behaviors. Our pet professionals are well-versed in belly rubs and snuggles, offering your pet comfort and warmth in your absence.
  • Feeding & Freshening Water: Your pet’s health is paramount to us. We ensure their nutritional needs are met with timely meals and fresh water available round the clock, honoring any specific feeding schedules or dietary restrictions your pet may have.
  • Dog Walking or Potty Breaks: Whether it’s a brisk walk or a much-needed bathroom break, we make sure your dog’s needs are met. With regular walking and potty breaks, your pup will maintain good health, exercise, and proper elimination habits.
  • Dispensing Any Required Medications: Our trained personnel professionally handle the administration of any required medications, ensuring your pet’s therapeutic needs are met accurately and on time.
  • Accident Cleanup: We handle any accidental messes with utmost care, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt your pet’s surroundings and helps maintain their comfort.
  • Scooping of Litter Boxes: We aim to offer a clean and hygienic environment for your pet. Our services include regular scooping of litter boxes, ensuring they remain clean and fresh-smelling, just as your feline prefers.
  • Prompt Follow-Up After Visit: We believe in transparency and swift communication. After each visit, you’ll receive an update on your pet’s activities, behaviors, and health, making you feel as if you’ve never left.
  • Retrieving Mail and Curbing/Retrieving Garbage Cans: Our duty extends to making your house look occupied and secure. We’ll retrieve your mail and alternate handling your garbage cans, keeping your home’s exterior neat and orderly.
  • Watering Plants: While you’re away, your indoor greenery needs attention. We’ll ensure your plants get the adequate water they require to thrive and stay green.
  • Alternating Lights / Blinds: For added security and to give an impression that the house is occupied, we’ll alternate lights and blinds, ensuring your home remains safe while you’re away.